Sunday, November 11, 2012


So, President Barack Obama won reelection.

Four years ago I shed a few tears when he walked onto the stage and gave his acceptance speech.

It seemed to me that a decade of a world that had become hate filled, corrupt and insular was coming to an end.

And they had.

Yes, we had the GFC, but you can't undo 8 years of damage overnight.

Four years later, as he walked on stage again, I was watery, but no tears.

It's not that I wasn't happy that he won. Quite the opposite. It was more that my expectations of the U.S.A., to make a sane choice of leader, have grown since they elected President Obama four years ago.

I have been asked why I care quite a few times now. I am based in Australia after all.

Why is this even important to you?

A small part of it is that I eventually would like to make films in America. Self-interested, I know, but true.

But a much MUCH bigger part is something more intangible.

In a world seemingly becoming increasingly divided, you have the leader of the most powerful country in the world being elected on the strength of white, black, asian, brown and hispanic voters.

In a world where some people say I have to step on your throat to achieve my dreams, Obama proclaims that we thrive together, when we push for shared prosperity and inclusiveness.

And when faced with the politics of hate, Americans showed they can see past the lies and elect a leader based on facts and achievements rather than ideology.

As a filmmaker, I need a world that respects education and culture, because that ensures I have an audience. In the present and the future.

As a filmmaker that wants a long career, I need a strong middle class, because they are the ones who spend their disposable income on the movies. The wealthy buy yachts, not cinema tickets.

Obama, as well as being a leader who believes in empowering all people, not just the wealthy elite, delivers on these tangibles and intangibles.

But, even more fundamentally, it is a simple equation:

President of America = Laws of America = America's policies = Wall Street crisis = GFC = impacts you.

The GFC ripped money out families, businesses, governments, film financiers and potential cinema audiences alike. A recession followed shortly after.

We are in a connected world.

So, President Barack Obama won reelection.

That's why I care.

Why don't you?

- - - - - - - - -