Saturday, November 10, 2012


You are on the train coming home.

Imagine hearing about a film from your friends, searching for it on your phone or ipad, finding it, and then putting it on your playlist via your film viewing platform subscription. When you get home, it is waiting to stream on your synched IP enabled television.

Then you get a call, you forgot you had to meet a friend tonight. 

But you are already two thirds through the movie, and loving it. You don't want to stop watching.

Imagine you could watch the rest on the train on the way to meet your friend, streamed via the same subscription to your ipad. No extra cost because you already pay the subscription fee.  

When you get there, your friend is so interested by what you say about the film that you decide you want to see it again with them.

This time, however, you want to see it on the big screen, with the extra content that enables.

Imagine you go to the cinema, using the heavy ticket discount you get for already 'owning' the film, via the online movie club you are a part of. You also passed a fan quiz on the film to win free popcorn. Nice.

As you are watching the film, you get a vibrate notification on your phone that this part of the film has extra content. 

Imagine using your phone to actually 'look around' the environment of the scene that is playing. Seeing things the character sees in their world, using your phone as your own personal viewfinder. Immersing yourself in the story world, for a truly amazing experience. 

Imagine telling your friends about it online, because the experience was so incredible, so that they can all be a part of it. Because your group is so large, you get a satellite delivered 'demand it' screening at your local cinema, again for a heavily discounted price because many of you 'own' the film and have become champions of it to the world.

Imagine that you are now a part of a community of fans, cultivated by the filmmakers providing an incredible story telling experience on film, who are then welcomed as a part of the film's tribe to special events for free. As a fan you not only engage with the story world, but you convert others, because you believe in the filmmaker's work and the experience you receive in return for your loyalty, fandom and a reasonable amount of your hard-earned cash.  

For the filmmakers, imagine you achieve all this by making great films, caring about your audience, engaging with your audience, and thinking outside the box when it comes to innovation and new technologies. 

It may shock you to know that the technology to do everything I suggested above, exists already. It's true.

With so much focus on the negatives in today's society, it is easy to forget that we are in an amazing era of change, technology, ideas, innovation and mass consumption of culture.

Recognising and making the most of the incredible opportunities on offer, as people and as storytellers, is the greatest challenge we face.

There is a world of opportunity to tell stories that engage and delight an audience. Connecting with them in ways we never thought possible.

All it takes is a little imagination.

- - - - - - - - -