Wednesday, July 29, 2020

OA FILM NEWS - our film 'Chip' selected for Oscar- accredited LA ShortsFest's online showcase

Have a spare few minutes and need some cheer? 

Then feel free to check out our animated doco ‘Chip’, which has been chosen for an online showcase on Oscar and BAFTA accredited LA ShortsFest’s YouTube channel 

And a special thanks to our collaborators who made 'Chip' happen, the uber talented producer/illustrator Tony Radevski and animator Andrew Martin at Honeydew Studios.

Monday, July 27, 2020

OA FILM NEWS - our script 'Ned' was recently selected as a Quarterfinalist in the Screencraft Comedy Screenplay competition!

Some nice news, and a small humblebrag - if you'll indulge us.

Our zombie comedy script 'Ned', written by our founder Pete Ireland, was recently selected as a Quarterfinalist in the Screencraft Comedy Screenplay competition. We didn't make the semifinals, but nice news, none-the-less.
Brag over. Aside from the fact Pete may have coined the term "zombedy".

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

OA FILM NEWS - our new film 'Risen' finds an international audience!...(in theory)

We hope this update finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy. It's not without irony that our dystopian short film has had its release disrupted by a global pandemic, so at least the universe has a sense of humour. In this very weird time, we thought you could all use some good news about something other than the end of the world.

Prior to the global malady, we have been actively pursuing international film festivals that are a good fit for the unique dystopian world of our new film 'Risen'. Thankfully, we are getting a positive response, with the wonderful news that 'Risen' was selected for the Oscar and BAFTA accredited Slamdance Film Festival's Los Angeles event 'Emergence'.

Slamdance Alumni include such acclaimed filmmakers as Bong Joon Ho, Christopher Nolan, Benh Zeitlin, Lena Dunham, the Russo Brothers....and now, our writer/director Tony Radevski.

Shortly after the news of our Slamdance selection we also found out that 'Risen' was selected for the FIAPF-accredited 'Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival'.

'Risen' would have played in a festival programme featuring Pixar's latest film 'Onward'; Toronto FF, Stiges and FantastFest Austin's Netflix acquisition 'The Platform'; and the latest HBO series from the Wire's David Simon, 'The Plot Against America'. Esteemed company indeed.

We hoped these selections would give an opportunity for the 'Risen' TV series we are developing to move another step forward...but life often gets in the way of careful planning.

Now, the actual festivals themselves have been postponed/cancelled, due to obvious reasons, but that does not diminish the selectio

n of 'Risen' and the recognition of the film our wonderful cast, crew and supporters helped create. The festivals themselves were keen to reiterate this, so they have published the 2020 programs online, despite the festivals themselves not going ahead as planned. You can find each program at:

We live in hope that the positive response to 'Risen' continues later into the year, once all of this uncertainty has passed and film festivals can actually open their doors to a delighted public. Until that time, we at Opening Act Films wish you nothing but good health, and hopefully a measure of good cheer, until we can all shake hands again.   

All the best, 


- -
Pete Ireland
Founder, Opening Act Films