Wednesday, June 02, 2010


The last six months have gone like a FLASH as I keep myself involved in some really interesting and high quality projects.

Producing one short is work enough, but then I am also co-producing another and gearing up in the production of a $20K funded short - with a fantastic script!

Time goes quickly, that's for sure, but I'm still smelling the roses. Every once in a while anyway.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

OAFILMS NEWS - CHASING MEL won't be silenced!

Chasing Mel screened in the SKANC FILM FESTIVAL, in St Kilda, on the 4th February 2010. I thought that would be the last time.

I am big enough to admit I was wrong.

Apparently, someone in Victoria liked it, and the film has now made the final on the 25th February 2010!!

I couldn't make it for the last screening, but I'll be going for this one. A good start to the year, no doubt.