Monday, December 28, 2015


How long until all screen content is delivered by an internet connection, even to televisions?

How long until a teenager is China is more important to Hollywood than you?

How long until cinemas can no longer raise their prices to maintain their profit margins?

How long until DVDs and Blu Rays stop being manufactured?

How long until teachers get paid more than sports stars?

How long until sports stadiums start shrinking to accommodate just enough people for atmosphere in the broadcast coverage?

How long until someone actually completes research on whether young people have dwindling attention spans?

How long until Google does something 'evil' with it's huge cache of user data?

How long until there is no longer a need for 'middle men', like Rupert Murdoch, in the screen entertainment industry?

How long until multiplex cinemas stop being built?

How long until you have to ask my permission to try and sell something to me?

How long until the arts is respected as a genuine career and genuine economic benefit?

How long until the arts is considered too expensive and all economic support infrastructure is

How long until major decisions for a country, like joining a war, are put to an electronic vote?

How long until the current 'Western' economies are forced to adapt to compete with the rising
economic powers?

How long until music albums are all free, except for the hit singles you have to pay for?

How long until your job fundamentally changes?

How long until our society is equal enough that race, gender, sexuality, nor any other unchosen characteristic, matters? 

How long until all media is engaged with via some form of subscription service?

How long until a new form of visual storytelling, replacing film and television altogether, is created?

How long until the death of long-form screen content?

How long until we no longer use fossil fuels?

How long until television content production reaches a peak where audiences are overwhelmed and the bubble bursts?

How long until cinema ticket prices start falling to resuscitate audience demand?

How long until we colonise nearby planets? 

How long until technology enables a lifestyle where you only have to work if you choose to? 

How long until a person can make an entire film, good enough for mass audiences, on an tablet?

How long until scripts aren't even written anymore, and producers expect a rough mock up of the film instead?

How long until visual effects and animation tools are cheap, accessible, and intuitive? 

How long until audiences expect to pay one price to go to the cinema, get the home version, and receive memorabilia from the film?

How long until crowdfunding isn't just a less embarrassing way to ask your friends and family for money?

How long until holograms become another tool for visual storytelling?

How long until Facebook is replaced with something else?

So many unknowns. Only one is more important.

If any of these could seriously disrupt your future, and the answer wasn't "never", how long until you begin to adjust?

- - - - - - - - -