Tuesday, September 10, 2013


August, 2013. Two men sit next to each other on a plane.

The men have no comprehension of the series of seemingly inconsequential events that have lead to the truly incredible moment they are about to share.

FLASHBACK. January, 2008.

A young man enrolls to study film at a film school. Due to circumstances beyond his control, he is forced to delay the beginning of his studies until the next semester.

March, 2008.

The young man quits his current, highly demanding, day job and takes a more relaxed new day job at a government department. The new job will give him more freedom to complete his film studies.

July, 2008.

The young man begins studying at a film school in Sydney. Over the course of the next six months, his slavish devotion to his new studies results in the end of the young man's six year relationship with his girlfriend.

August, 2008.

Another young man, Tony, begins teaching at the same film school. Tony becomes the documentary teacher for the devoted student.

October, 2008.

The devoted student receives a promotion in his day job at the government department. He now works in the Human Resources section of the department. His mother is very proud of him.

December, 2008.

Tony completes his time teaching the devoted student. They become friends. Meanwhile, the devoted student's six-year relationship has officially ended.

December, 2009.

The devoted student has become friends with a female colleague in his day job at the HR Department. The colleague asks the devoted student about his romantic life, to which the devoted student replies unenthusiastically. The colleague suggests that she has friends who might be interested in an amorous arrangement. The devoted student replies enthusiastically this time.

January, 2010.

The devoted student is dating one of the colleagues' attractive friends, Patti. Things are going well. The devoted student discusses his developing relationship with Tony. Tony replies enthusiastically.

October, 2010.

The devoted student has finished film school and is starting to make his own films. Patti, now his official girlfriend, mentions that her work colleague, Dominic, wants a new corporate video for his personal website. Patti suggests that the devoted student and Dominic get in touch.

December, 2010

The devoted student and Dominic meet for the first time at a cafe to discuss the corporate video. The devoted student has ideas. Dominic responds enthusiastically.

June, 2012.

The devoted student, Patti and Tony all go out together for a drink. Tony and Patti get along beautifully. The devoted student is relieved and happy that the two hit it off.

January, 2013.

The devoted student and Tony are now close friends. Patti and the devoted student are still together. The devoted student, Patti, Dominic, and Dominic's girlfriend all go to Japanese dinner together, becoming quite animated after a bottle of saki. Life is good.

August, 2013.

On a whim, Tony buys a last minute ticket and departs on a sudden trip to New York, via Los Angeles. The devoted student smiles: Tony has a penchant for dramatic exits and entrances.

Tony makes himself comfortable for the long flight to L.A. He is fairly accustomed with flying by now, as long as he observes some well practiced rituals. Soon, he will be enjoying the pseudo life changing effects of an overseas holiday, with all of the forgetfulness of day to day trifles that vacationing entails. Life is good.

Tony makes eye contact with the man sitting next to him. They exchange pleasantries, culminating in the quintessential "what do you do for a living?"

Tony contemplates his answer momentarily and replies: "I work in film."

"That's interesting," Dominic replies, "do you know a guy named Pete Ireland?"

Tony looks back at Dominic, slightly stunned. He tells Dominic that he does know a Pete Ireland, who was once his devoted student, and is now his friend.

Dominic excitedly explains that he has know Pete's girlfriend Patti for eight years. Dominic is headed to Las Vegas for a buck's weekend, via Los Angeles, and booked his airline ticket at the last minute.

They stare at each other a moment. Both can sense the gravity of this meeting, but can not quite perceive why. It is electric.

And so, the two men sit next to each other on the plane. Tony and Dominic.

They can not fully comprehend the series of seemingly inconsequential events that have lead to the truly incredible moment they just shared. The sequence of choices, of life events over 5 years, that had to occur in a particular way and in a particular order is beyond improbable. Miraculous.

And, believe it or not, this is a true story.

I hear people say that 'every story has been done before'.

I say they are not looking hard enough.

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