Friday, September 21, 2012

OA FILMS NEWS - 'The Good Neighbour' screens in New Zealand!

As many of you know, our talented director, James Crisp, is from New Zealand. 'The Good Neighbour' was also inspired by true events that occurred in New Zealand.

With that in mind, we were especially pleased to learn that 'The Good Neighbour' had been recently selected for a special screening for the Queenstown Film Society, in New Zealand.

In their own words, the Queenstown Film Society 'is a non-profit incorporated society and a registered charitable organisation. (They're) supported by the NZ Film Commission and a part of the New Zealand Federation of Film Societies, providing access to an amazing collection of movies, documentaries and short films from New Zealand and around the world.'

James attended the screening on 18th September 2012, and spoke about the film afterwards. From all accounts, the film was exceptionally well received, and we thank the Queenstown Film Society for the opportunity to present the film to their dedicated audience of film lovers.

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