Tuesday, November 22, 2011


What are my bids?

Up for auction...your dreams.

Unused. Still in the shrink wrap.

What will you offer for them?

There's an old song called 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia' about a fiddler challenging the devil for a golden fiddle.

His wager?

His soul.

What price would you pay?

In the current climate, Greece, The USA, and independent filmmakers all have something in common.

No-one will give them any money.

Now imagine a millionaire shows up, offering you the money you need to make your film a reality. They have no experience in film, yet have established a production company funding arthouse films.

You are so desperate for a break, you don't pursue any agreements about creative control or final cut of your finished film.

What could go wrong?



The articles are good, so I'll let them speak for themselves.

But remember, if you dance with the devil, you'd better hope the music stops.

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